Punjab Computer College
Our Mission
  • 23/05/2019
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Punjab Computer College aims at providing quality and competency-based education of international standard within our cultural frame work. We are determine to teach train and prepare our students to enter practical fields with confidence and professional abilities thereby contributing towards socio-economic development of Pakistan in the present scenario of global challenges.


The College has been established to promote the application of Computer Science / IT, General Science, Pre-Engg., Commerce & Humanities fields. It caters to fulfil the requirements of Government and Semi-government Departments as well as Private Sectors in Pakistan and abroad. Youth of today is at the threshold of a new era. As 21st century dawns upon us, we have to prepare and equip ourselves to face the challenges of time. No doubt emerging sciences play a vital role in encountering these challenges. Punjab Computer College offers its students a comprehensive training to meet the challenges of the global market. College offers courses at Intermediate/ Degree Levels in Commerce/ Computer Science/ Pre-Engg., General Science, Humanities & Business Administration. We believe that modern methods and approaches must be employed to enable the students to acquire knowledge with clear concepts coupled with liability to use it confidently in practical situations so that if they want to continue their respective subject studies at advance Level they shall have a sound base to begin with. Hence this college provides complete career path!

Aims & Objects

The College, therefore, aims at providing comprehensive/adequate training facilities in Computer Science/IT & Commerce related fields & to transfer latest Technology to the youth of the day with zeal & devotion. The College is committed to the following

  • Punjab Computer College aims at providing quality education of an international standard with in our cultural framework.
  • To emphasize on the character and personality development of the students through participate learning approach, and individual attention to promote social and moral values.
  • To teach, train and prepare young man to enter practical field with competence, confidence and malice towards none.
  • To play a meaningful role in promoting the cause of literacy & social service.
  • To contribute in the socio-economic development of Pakistan through competency based education.

Campus & Location

Punjab Computer College is located in an elegant building (Railway Society Plaza) at the junction of Allama Iqbal Road & Shalimar Road in Ghari Shahu Chowk, Lahore. The location, therefore, is ideally suited and easily accessible, you just need to open a door and you are at your destination. The College is centrally air-conditioned and is designed and constructed in such a way as is hygienically fit for educational pursuits. Hence a very congenial atmosphere & conducive environment for the youths in search of education.


The objective of PCC is to provide sound, broad based & quality education to the students. The College has a strong backup of eminent educationist dedicated, devoted and committed teachers who ensure quality education through modern means of teachings. The staff at PCC are experienced, qualified & devoted towards their profession. These are the best available Teachers in the Subject of Computer Sciences / IT, Pre-Engg.,General Science & Commerce, . All the members of the College Staff are carefully selected from a large number of candidates. The selection is based on knowledge, eagerness to teach, working capacity and capability of passing information and new ideas to the students.

Syllabi & Curricula

Syllabi, Curricula & Text books prescribed by Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education & AIOU are followed.


We have state of the art and well stocked library where reference books, recommended text books and other publications, in humanities, commerce, science, IT, language, business, banking, religious and allied areas of studied are available. Our library is a resource place for the students and teachers. We have also made arrangements to give orientation to our students to have proper knowledge about the sources of knowledge.


Adequate, equipment, apparatus and materials have been provided in the labs to ensure quality practical as per requirements of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary education, Lahore.

Computer Labs

Computer background is an asset in Banks, Airlines, Industries, Hotels, Business and Govt. Departments both at home and abroad. The scope of Computer Applications has expanded enormously and there seems to be no limit to it. To meet the said requirements of different sectors the College is well-equipped with the latest Computers, which are more than 100 with accessories running under Multi-user Network environment with the backup of the main server and support of DSL (1 Mbps) Internet Connectivity and Audio/Visual Aids (Multimedia Projectors & Overhead Projectors) are important facilities which gives more efficient and advance teaching sport.. The required softwares according to subjects are also installed for the practical learning of the students.